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연료개질기를 연계한 고체 산화물 연료전지 시스템의 운전 특성에 관한 연구

A Study on Operation Characteristics of Planar-type SOFC System Integrated with Fuel Processor


The solid oxide fuel cell (SOFC) is expected to be a candidate for distributed power sources in the next generation, due to its high efficiency and high-temperature waste heat utilization. In this study, the 5-cell SOFC stack was operated with pure hydrogen or reformed gas at anode side and air at cathode side. When stack was operated with diesel and methane ATR reformer, the influence of the $H_2O/C,\;O_2/C$ and GHSV on performance of stacks have been investigated. The result shows that the cell voltage was decreased with the increase of $H_2O/C$ and $O_2/C$ due to the partial pressure of fuel and water, and cell voltage was more sensitive to $O_2/C$ than $H_2O/C$. Next, the dynamic model of SOFC system included with ATR reformer was established and compared with experimental data. Based on dynamic model, the operation strategy to optimize SOFC-Reformer system was suggested and simulated.

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