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논문 상세정보

대학의 고객만족 경영시스템 구축방안 - 고객만족도 조사 설계를 중심으로

A Study on the Customer Satisfaction Management Strategy for Korea Vocational Colleges - With Emphasis on Customer Satisfaction Index -


Value Creation issue for customers is emerging from the college education. Most colleges are facing to cope with over-supplied education facility problems against reducing population to apply to enter universities/colleges. The best way to overcome those problems might be to implement the Customer Satisfaction Management Strategy as if they were private firms for making profit. The main purpose in this study is to provide guidelines for CS strategy with a private college. It is focused on designing research plans and searching CS index. The process of this study is as follows; - Introduced the value creation strategy for customers with private colleges. - Proposed the CS management which is very important for enhancing competitive power - Evaluate various models to measure service quality and CSI for college service. - Provided some guidelines to research design of CS according to 6 customer categories. - Proposed some methodologies to apply a service quality measurement model. - Suggested a revised model from SERVPERF to adapt with college customers satisfaction. The result from this study showed that Customer Satisfaction Management would be the most important strategy to cope with confronting difficulties for private college and the revised model from SERVPERF would be an alternative solution. Further study is essential to assure the suggested model is valuable for private colleges because empirical test has not completed yet.

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