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논문 상세정보

전자상거래 기업에 대한 소비자의 신뢰와 친숙함이 소비자의 탐색행동과 구매행동에 미치는 영향에 관한 연구

The Study the Role of Trust and Familiarity of the E-commerce involved in Inquiring and Purchasing Behavior


This study examines this intriguing idea In the context of the E-commerce involved in inquiring and purchasing books on the internet. Survey data from 154 potential users support and offend this hypothesis. The data show that both familiarity with an internet vendor and its processes and trust in the vendor influenced the respondent's intentions to inquire about books, it is primarily people's dispositions to trust that affected their trust in the vendor. The data support the basic assumption of the study both trust and familiarity influence E-commerce. Also, the study show that both trust in a Internet vendor and familiarity with the vendor and its procedures influence two distinct aspects of I-commerce intentions in book selling sites: inquiry and purchase. The influence if familiarity and trust are strong on people's intentions to purchase. The study show that trust and familiarity are distinctly different constructs, and that trust is significantly affected by familiarity, and not only by people's disposition to trust. The research model thus shows both trust and familiarity influence behavioral intentions. In this study, familiarity was introduced primarily as an antecedent of trust, while its role in increasing I-commerce was not as emphasized as that of trust. However, the importance of familiarity might be greater: familiarity influences both purchase intentions and inquiry intentions only slightly less than trust does.

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