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논문 상세정보


With 'the improvement of brand image through the consolidation of the online and offline brand images' as the goal, the focus of this study lies in brand color. In order to analyze the differences between the website and offline image of a brand, as felt by the consumers, a survey on color image was conducted. Using the results of the survey as the foundation, a comparative analysis of online and offline color images was conducted, and the discrepancies between the two specified. Furthermore, solutions in creating websites that cultivate brand consolidation through color consolidation are presented. Using the thesis 'Research on the Color Strategy of Brand-name Coffees,' as a guide, and supplementing it with necessary improvements, this study presents three areas to consider when designing or managing websites for offline brands. First of all, color image is not static but variable, meaning that it appeals to the consumers differently, depending on change in other brands, trends, consumer point of view, etc. Thus, color image must be flexible. Secondly, overall brand image can be improved by its offline color. However, it should be realized that identical colors could produce different results online and off. Lastly, in general, the online image falls behind the offline image, in regard to color strategy. Therefore, more meticulous and carefully planned color design is necessary, as is the consideration of the unique and distinctive qualities of the World Wide Web.

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