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논문 상세정보

데이터 사전처리에 의한 GPS 성능 개선 알고리즘

Algorithm for Improving GPS Performance by Data Pre-processing


A GPS receiver provides much information such as calculated position, speed, heading, status of satellites, current time errors, etc. It is well-known that GPS signals from GPS receiver mounted on moving vehicle are often distorted, contaminated by various noises, and blocked by tunnel or tall buildings. The phenomenon often obstructs correct navigation especially when a vehicle keeps stopping or is moving in low speed. Therefore it is needed to pre-process the signals to adapt it to various applications. In this paper, an algorithm to pre-process the signals is proposed. For this, GPS data obtaining from uNAV GPS receiver are analyzed and classified based on dynamic characteristic. Then, the proposed algorithm is applied to the data and some test results are shown to verify the usefulness of the algorithm.

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