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논문 상세정보

유도형 축방향 모터의 6축력 제어를 이용한 대회전 구현용 통합 구동기

Integrated Driver for the Full Rotation Using Six-axial Forces by the Induction Type of Axial-gap Motor


To overcome the limited relative uncertainty and work range of the existing planar stage and the bulk structure of the contact-less motor for rotation, the novel operating principle to realize the precise rotation is suggested. It uses the two-axial vector forces, normal force and thrust force, of three-induction type of axial motors located $120^{\circ}$ apart, resulting in the contact-free rotation of the mover. Firstly in this paper, the magnetic forces across the air gap are modeled and simulated under the various conditions. It clarifies the feasible range of the derived solution. And the algorithm compensating the strong cross couple between the forces and the control inputs; generally AC magnitude and slip frequency, is given to realize the independent control of six axes. Finally, for the successfully implemented system, the round test and the micro step test results are given.

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