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논문 상세정보

V.F. 모델링을 이용한 주행차량의 진동에 대한 도로영상의 계측오차 보정 알고리듬

A Measurement Error Correction Algorithm of Road Image for Traveling Vehicle's Fluctuation Using V.F. Modeling


In this paper, the image modelling of road's lane markings is established using view frustum(VF) model. From this model, a measurement system of lane markings and obstacles is proposed. The system also involve the real time processing of the 3D position coordinate and the distance data from the camera to the points on the 3D world coordinate by virtue of the camera calibration. In order to reduce their measurement error, an useful algorithm for which analyze the geometric variations due to traveling vehicle's fluctuation using VF model is proposed. In experiments, without correction, for instance, the $0.4^{\circ}$ of pitching rotation gives the error of $0.4{\sim}0.6m$ at the distance of 10m, but the more far distance cause exponentially the more error. We con finned that this algorithm can be reduced less than 0.1m of error at the same condition.

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