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논문 상세정보

유동 방향 변화에 따른 잠수함 주위의 유동 특성과 유체동역학적 계수의 변화

The Variation of Flow Field and Hydrodynamic Coefficients of Submarine by Changes of Angle of Attack and Yaw Angle


The three-dimensional RANS equations were applied to analyze the flow field of a submarine. To validate the code, the DARPA SUBOFF bare hull and an eliipsoid at angles of attack of $10^{\circ}\;and\;30^{\circ}$ were simulated and good agreement with experiments was obtained. After the code validation, the flows over the full configuration of DARPA SUBOFF model having a fairwater and four stern appendages were simulated at four angles of attack $(0^{\circ},\;10^{\circ},\;20^{\circ},\;30^{\circ})$ and three yaw angles $(10^{\circ},\;20^{\circ},\;30^{\circ})$ Specifically, the pressure contours and streamlines of fairwater and stern appendage were compared as the angle of attack and yaw angle changed. The variations of hydrodynamic forces were also calculated.

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