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논문 상세정보


An air-gap type FBAR was designed using Leach equivalent model for analyzing a vertical structure of the FBAR. For the top electrode, Pt, and the bottom electrode, Au, of $1.2{\mu}m$ thickness and the piezoelectric of 0.8,urn thickness, the resonance and anti-resonance occurred at 2.401 GHz and 2.460 GHz, respectively. $S_{11}$ was increased and $S_{21}$ was decreased as the resonance area of FBAR was widened. We observed the characteristics of insertion loss, bandwidth and out-of-band rejection of ladder-type FBAR BPF by changing resonance areas of series and shunt resonators and by adding stages. As the resonance area of series resonator was increased, insertion loss was improved but out-of-band rejection was degraded. And as the resonance area of shunt resonator was increased, insertion loss was degraded a little but out-of-band rejection was improved even without adding stages. We, also, changed the shape of the resonance area from square shape to rectangle shape to examine the effects of the resonator shape on the characteristics of the BPF. The best performances were observed when the sizes of series and shunt resonator are $150{\mu}m{\times}l50{\mu}m\;and\;5{\mu}m{\times}50{\mu}m$, respectively. Out-of-band rejection was improved about 10dB and bandwidth was broadened from 30MHz to 100MHz utilizing inductor tuning on $2{\times}2\;and\; 4{\times}2$ ladder-type BPFs.

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