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논문 상세정보


Photo Resist (PR) ashing process was carried out with the atmospheric pressure- dielectric barrier discharge (ADBD) using $SF_6/N_2/O_2$. Ashing rate (AR) was sensitive to the mixing ratio of the oxygen and nitrogen of the blower type of ADBD asher. The maximum AR of 5000 A/min was achieved at 2% of oxygen in the $N_2$ plasma. With increasing the oxygen concentration to more than 2% in the $N_2$ plasma, the discharge becomes weak due to the high electron affinity of oxygen, resulting in the decrease of AR. When adding 0.5% of SF6 to $O_2/N_2$ mixed plasma, the PR AR increased drastically to 9000 A/min and the ashed surface of PR was smoother compared to the processed surface without $SF_6$. Carbon Fluorinated polymer may passivate the PR surface. It was also observed that the glass surface was not damaged by the fluorine.

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