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논문 상세정보

환경교육에 관한 일본기업의 동향

The Trend of Japanese Enterprise on the Environmental Education


A benefit-oriented socio-economic system causes environmental problems that become obvious and more serious on the earth. Therefore, every country in the world is making various efforts to solve serious environmental issues for making the sustainable society. And it is thought that environmental education should play a key role to make the efforts fruitful. Especially, enterprises should be given an important role on environmental education in the future society. This study inquires present activities done by enterprises on environmental education analyze their achievement and aims to clarify the role and prospects on environmental education in the future that the enterprise should carry out. The major results of this research are as follows; First, The approach form of the enterprise concerning environmental education can be classified into four stages, namely 'beginning stage', 'evolution stage', 'development stage' and 'partnership stage'. Present activities on environmental education have not been reached there though 'partnership stage' will be necessary for the sustainable society. Second, In the execution of environmental education, it independently works on environmental education in the enterprise that strongly recognizes the importance of environmental communication with citizens. In other words, it can be said a leading enterprise concerning environmental education, Third, Recognition of the enterprise concerning the importance of environmental education again and the establishment of the positive posture are important.

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