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분산다중센서로 구현된 지능화공간의 색상정보를 이용한 실시간 물체추적

Real-Time Objects Tracking using Color Configuration in Intelligent Space with Distributed Multi-Vision


Intelligent Space defines an environment where many intelligent devices, such as computers and sensors, are distributed. As a result of the cooperation between smart devices, intelligence emerges from the environment. In such scheme, a crucial task is to obtain the global location of every device in order to of for the useful services. Some tracking systems often prepare the models of the objects in advance. It is difficult to adopt this model-based solution as the tracking system when many kinds of objects exist. In this paper the location is achieved with no prior model, using color properties as information source. Feature vectors of multiple objects using color histogram and tracking method are described. The proposed method is applied to the intelligent environment and its performance is verified by the experiments.

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