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논문 상세정보

DGPS를 이용한 자동 운항 제어기 설계 및 개발

Design and Development of Automatic Maneuvering Controller Using DGPS


This is concerned with the development and design of automatic maneuvering system using Differential Global Positioning System(DGPS). To achievement of autonomous maneuvering controller for giant ship, first, we investigated automatic maneuvering controller using DGPS in motor car. The sensors are configured with DGPS and digital compass. We calculated velocity and steering angle of motor car based on sensor signal. To design the controller, we derived the bicycle model and developed critically damped controller. The critically damped controller can be tracing previously appointed position in the fastest time. We are used a laptop computer to realize and the control algorithm is programmed by visual basic software. The obtained experimental results from developed system show unmanned motor car is good tracing planed positions. Hence, the system is looking forward to use the autonomous maneuvering control fur giant ship.

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