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활성슬러지 구성 미생물에 의한 폴리오바이러스의 감소 효과

Poliovirus Decrease Effect by Activated Sludge Microbes


The biological wastewater treatment system is known to have an important role in reducing the quantify of enteric virus in water environments. To clarify the roles of activated sludge microbes in decreasing the virus infectivity, the behavior of the virus in bacteria, protozoa, and metazoa was examined by pure or mixed culture system using poliovirus type 1(Lsc, 2ab strain). In the bacterial culture systems, the virus infectivity in the liquid phase decreased by a reversible adsorption of the virus to the bacteria or bacterial flocs. On the other hand, in the protozoa and the metazoa culture systems using T. pyriformis and P. erythrophthalma, respectively, with a variety of bacterial strains as prey, the main virus decrease mechanism of reversible adsorption in early stage was changed to irreversible predation, which was not eluted in this study. The virus decrease was more effective in the P. erythrophthalma culture system, which had high predation and floc forming abilities. However, in the mixed culture system of Z. ramigera and P. erythrophthalma, the more rapid reversible adsorption of virus to Z. ramigera flocs preceded the irreversible predation of P. erythrophthalma.

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