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펨토초 레이저를 이용한 형상 측정용 비동일 광경로 저결 맞음 간섭계

Unequal-path Low-coherence Interferometry Using Femtosecond Pulse Lasers for Surface-profile Metrology


We discuss two possibilities of using femtosecond pulse lasers as a new interferometric light source for enhanced precision surface-profile metrology. First, a train of ultra-fast laser pulses yields repeated low temporal coherence, which allows unequal-path scanning interferometry, which is not feasible with white light. Second, the high spatial coherence of femtosecond pulse lasers enables large-sized optics to be tested in nonsymmetric configurations with relatively small-sized reference surfaces. These two advantages are verified experimentally using Fizeau and Twyman-Green type scanning interferometers.

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