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고강도 강판 적용에 의한 차체 프런트 사이드 멤버의 경량화에 관한 연구

A Study on Weight Reduction of Front Side Member with Application of High Strength Steel


This paper is concerned with the weight reduction of front side member of a vehicle considering the application of high strength steel sheet. The influence of steel sheet grade and thickness on the energy absorption, impact load and deformed shape of front side member is investigated by using reverse engineering and FE-analysis. The reverse engineering is applied to obtain 3D model of front side member from B.I.W for the FE simulation. FE analysis is carried out with commercial crash analysis SW PAM-CRASH. The crashworthiness of front side member is considerably improved with steel sheet strength and thickness increase. From the result of this study the weight reduction in automotive parts for the improvement of the fuel efficiency can be easily achieved with replacing high strength steel without deterioration of crashworthiness.

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