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논문 상세정보

초등과학 영재교실에서 발견 학습 모형 수업에 효과적인 환경 조건의 탐색

Effective Classroom Environments in Discovery Learning Classes for Gifted Science Pupils


Those students with ability and interest in science should be supported to develop their potential and to reach high levels of achievement in science and technology. In order to ensure that gifted pupils are able to enhance their creativity as well as research abilities, appropriate learning programs and environments are essential. One of the various teaching and learning models for the gifted in science is the discovery learning model based on inductive science activities. There is a clear line of continuity between knowledge discovery at the forefront of research and student's learning activities. If students receive excellent training in organizing scientific concepts for themselves, they will be able to skillfully apply appropriate scientific concepts and solve problems when facing unfamiliar situations. It is very important to offer an appropriate learning environment to maximize the learning effect whilst, at the same time, understanding individual student's characteristics. In this study, the authors took great pains to research effective learning environments for gifted science students. Firstly, appropriate classroom learning environments thought by the teacher to offer the most potential were investigated. 3 different classes in which a revised teaching and learning environment was applied in sequence were examined. Inquiries were conducted into students' activities and achievement through observation, interviews, and examination of students' worksheets. A Science Education expert and 5 elementary school teachers specializing in gifted education also observed the class to examine the specific character of gifted science students. A number of suggestions in discovery learning classes for elementary students gifted in science are possible; 1) Readiness is essential in attitudes related to the inquiry. 2) The interaction between students should be developed. A permissive atmosphere is needed in small group activities. 3) Students require training in listening to others. In a whole class discussion, a permissive atmosphere needs to be restricted somewhat in order to promote full and inclusive discussion. 4) Students should have a chance to practice induction and abduction methods in solving problems.

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