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논문 상세정보

행동-보상 학습 기법을 이용한 적응형 VMI 모형

An Adaptive Vendor Managed Inventory Model Using Action-Reward Learning Method


Today's customer demands in supply chains tend to change quickly, variously even in a short time Interval. The uncertainties of customer demands make it difficult for supply chains to achieve efficient inventory replenishment, resulting in loosing sales opportunity or keeping excessive chain wide inventories. Un this paper, we propose an adaptive vendor managed inventory (VMI) model for a two-echelon supply chain with non-stationary customer demands using the action-reward learning method. The Purpose of this model is to decrease the inventory cost adaptively. The control Parameter, a compensation factor, is designed to adaptively change as customer demand pattern changes. A simulation-based experiment was performed to compare the performance of the adaptive VMI model.

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