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논문 상세정보

Ad Hoc네트워크의 Cross-Layer설계를 위한 Opportunistic Scheduling과 Power Control기법

Opportunistic Scheduling and Power Control for Cross-Layer Design of Ad Hoc Networks


This paper proposes a new algorithm for opportunistic scheduling that take advantage of both multiuser diversity and power control. Motivated by the multicast RTS and priority-based CTS mechanism of OSMA protocol, we propose an opportunistic packet scheduling with power control scheme based on IEEE 802.11 MAC protocol. The scheduling scheme chooses the best candidate receiver for transmission by considering the SINR at the nodes. This mechanism ensures that the transmission would be successful. The power control algorithm on the other hand, helps reduce interference between links and could maximize spatial reuse of the bandwidth. We then formulate a convex optimization problem for minimizing power consumption and maximizing net utility of the system. We showed that if a transmission power vector satisfying the maximum transmission power and SINR constraints of all nodes exist, then there exists an optimal solution that minimizes overall transmission power and maximizes utility of the system.

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