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변화하는 강성/감쇠를 갖는 계가 조화력을 받을 때의 운동

Motion of a System with Varying Stiffness/Damping Subject to Harmonic Force


The motion of a system composed of a plate, constant springs and varying dampers is considered when the system is subject to harmonic force. Letting the frequencies of harmonic force and damper variation $f_1\;and\;f_2$, respectively, the displacement at the center of the plate has the strongest component at frequency $f_1$. The angular displacement of the plate has strong components at $f_1-f_2$ and the natural frequency of the rotational mode of the system. If these two frequencies coincide, the plate oscillates with almost single frequency and a large amplitude. These results can be applied to development of a moment shaker with low frequencies.

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