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논문 상세정보


펄스 전기증착법에 의해 단결정 Fe 박막을 n-Si(111) 기판위에 직접 성장시켰다. CV 분석 을 통해 $Fe^{2+}n-Si(111)$ 계면은 쇼트키 장벽 형성에 따른 다이오드 특성을 가진다는 사실을 알 수 있었다. 또한 인가 전압에 따른 전기용량의 변화를 보여주는 Mott-Schottky chottky(MS) 관계식을 이용하여 전해질 내에서 n-Si(111) 기판의 flat-band potential(EFB)을 조사하였으며, 0.1M $FeCl_2$ 전해질 내에서 EFB와 산화-환원 전위는 각각 -0.526V 과 -0.316V 임을 알 수 있었다. Fe/n-Si(111) 계면반응 시, Fe 증착 초기 단계에서의 핵 형성과 성장 운동학은 과도전류 특성을 이용하여 조사하였으며, 과도전류 특성을 통해 Fe 박막의 성장모드는 "instantaneous nucleation and 3-dimensional diffusion limited growth"임을 알 수 있었다. 주파수가 300Hz, 최대 전압이 1.4V인 펄스 전압을 이용하여 n-Si(111) 기판위에 Fe를 직접 전기 증착 시켰으며, 형 성 된 Fe 박막은 단결정 ${\alpha}-Fe$로 Si 기판위에 ${\alpha}-Fe(110)/Si(111)$의 격자 정합성을 가지고 성장하였음을 XRD 분석을 통해 확인하였다.


Single crystal Fe thin films were grown directly onto n-Si(111) substrates by pulsed electrodeposition. Cyclic Voltammogram(CV) indicated that the $Fe^{2+}/n-Si(111)$ interface shows a good diode behavior by forming a Schottky barrier. From Mott-Schottky (MS) relation, it is found that the flat-band potential of n-Si(111) substrate and equilibrium redox potential of $Fet^{2+}$ ions are -0.526V and -0.316V, respectively. The nucleation and growth kinetics at the initial reaction stages of Fe/n-Si(111) substraste was studied by current transients. Current transients measurements have indicated that the deposition process starts via instantaneous nucleation and 3D diffusion limited growth. After the more deposition, the deposition flux of Fe ions was saturated with increase of deposition time. from the as-deposited sample obtained using the potential pulse of 1.4V and 300Hz, it is found that Fe nuclei grows to three dimensional(3D) islands with the average size of about 100nm in early deposition stages. As the deposition time increases, the sizes of Fe nuclei increases progressively and by a coalescence of the nuclei, a continuous Fe films grow on the Si surface. In this case, the Fe films show a highly oriented columnar structure and x-ray diffraction patterns reveal that the phase ${\alpha}-Fe$ grows on the n-Si(111) substrates.

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