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논문 상세정보

반복하중 크리프시험에 의한 아스팔트 혼합물의 소성변형특성 평가

Rutting Potential Evaluation of Asphalt Mixtures by Repeated-Load Creep Test


Field or laboratory wheel tracking tests have been employed for the evaluation of the rutting potential of asphalt paving mixtures. Compared to field tests, laboratory wheel tracking tests are much less expensive and more manageable for most road projects. However, most test laboratories are not equipped to perform such tests because there does not exist any standard test procedure, and the required equipment is rather expensive. Futhermore, the size of test specimens and the relatively large quantity of test mixture required present difficulties for laboratory specimen mixing and compaction. This paper describes a project conducted to study the feasibility of replacing wheel tracking testsby a repeated-load creep test for rutting potential evaluation. Comparisons were made between the results of the two tests for different test temperatures, loading speeds and applied pressures. Three types of asphalt mixtures were studied in the test program. Favorable conclusions concerning the use of the repeated-load test for rutting potential evaluation were drawn based on the findings of the experimental test results. The correlation between the two types of tests was found to be good for all threeasphalt mixtures. Adopting the repeated-load creep test would lead to cost savings since it employs standard test equipment already available in most laboratories. It would also result in substantial time savings due to the much smaller quantity of mix needed, and the ease in specimen preparation.

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