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논문 상세정보

CFD를 이용한 초음속 유도탄 기저항력 예측



Accurate prediction of a supersonic missile base drag continues to defy even well-rounded CFD codes. In an effort to address the accuracy and predictability of the base drags, the influence of grid system and competitive turbulence models on the base drag is analyzed. Characteristics of some turbulence models is reviewed through incompressible turbulent flow over a flat plate, and performance for the base drag prediction of several turbulence models such as Baldwin-Loman(B-L), Spalart-Allmaras(S-A), k-$\varepsilon$, k-$\omega$ model is assessed. When compressibility correction is injected into the S-A model, prediction accuracy of the base drag is enhanced. The NSWC wind tunnel test data are utilized for comparison of CFD and semi-empirical codes on the accuracy of base drag predictability: they are about equal, but CFD tends to perform better. It is also found that, as angle of attack of a missile with control fins increases, even the best CFD analysis tool we have lacks the accuracy needed for the base drag prediction.

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