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논문 상세정보

어업관리 휴어제의 이론체계와 도입 타당성 및 기대효과에 관한 연구

A Study on the Theoretical Frameworks and the Implementation Effects of the Fishery Closures as Multi-strategical Measures of Fisheries Management


This study describes approaches to fisheries management that restrict access by fishers to an area in some way. When fishery closure is established as a technical conservation measure it is a form of input control as a Korea fisheries management system. There are many compelling reasons why a fisheries manager should seriously consider closed areas and/or time restrictions, either as a complement to other measures or as the primary facet of the Korean fisheries management strategy. Fishery closures have been shown to be effective in many fisheries and are an important tool in the management armoury. In many respects justifications for their use and the process of implementation are likely to be relatively straightforward compared to permanent area closures. From a Korean fisheries management perspective, the benefits that flow from fishery closures are usually less easy to predict than for other management measures. Moreover, even if one accepts that implementation of fisherg clossures will provide higher production levels in adjacent fished areas, the potential benefits may often be in danger of being largely dissipated. If, for example, the fishery remains open access, the increased production is likely to attract new entrants into the fishery, thereby driving it back towards bioeconomic equilibrium. From a Korean wider fisheries conservation perspective, however, fishery closures have important and clearly defensible roles to play and some form of zoning arrangement will often effectively serve conservation values. Given the increasing trend towards the establishment of national networks of fisherg closures, it seems likely that fisheries managers throughout the world will need to ensure that they are familiar with the issues surrounding these approaches. The importance of being explicit about the goals for fishery closures in Korea have been continually emphasised throughout this study. There may, of course, be multiple justifications for the measure, in which case it is important to try and specify them in order of priority.

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