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논문 상세정보

양식 넙치의 유통 및 소비구조에 관한 연구

A Study on the Distribution and Consumption Structure of Aquacultural Flatfish


In Side of Supply and Demand of Fisheries Products, The Aquacultural Industry stayed in subsidized situation for the whole fishery industry of korea when it's dawned. But now a day, the Aquacultural Industry has been developed to unique industry itself, and it could be said the Hoe - korean style Sashimi or Sushi culture of korea can't exist without its aquacultural industry. So it could be said that the Aquacultural industry is not only a part of the fishery industry but also inevitable unique industry. The main objective of this paper is to analysis the present situation for production of Flatfish, distribution of Flatfish, and consumption structure of Flatfish. Especially, the production for aquacultural Flatfish in 2005 has been raised over 38 times against the production in 1990, and it takes the status as the major fish which leads the domestic aquacultural industry compare with others. The distribution of Flatfish can be divided to the domestic and export mainly. In field of its domestic distribution, Flatfish is the major item with Rockfish, and the deal of its over 90% happens in Similarity Fishery Wholesale Markets such as In-chon, Ha-nam, and Bu-san Fishery Wholesale Market not in the common distribution process of the fishery products. At present, the exporting of Flatfish take 13.9% among the whole Aquacultural Industry of korea, and Flatfish mainly export to Japan. Also, through the development of chinese economy, Hoe consumption culture is expanded gradually. And the future of exporting Flatfish is very bright because of developing of the U.S. market. The brief introduction of the consumption style of live fish is as belows. According to the research, generally the most of korean consumers prefer individual item as their food to combination style in korean Hoe consumption culture and the favorite item of korean consumers are Flatfish and Rockfish.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (2)

  1. Shim, Kil-Bo ; Mok, Jong-Soo ; Jo, Mi-Ra ; Kim, Poong-Ho ; Lee, Tae-Seek ; Kim, Ji-Hoe ; Cho, Young-Je 2010. "Residues of Antibiotics in Wild and Cultured Fishes Collected from Coast of Korea" 한국수산과학회지 = Korean journal of fisheries and aquatic sciences, 43(1): 12~17 
  2. Kim, Jin-Ock ; Kang, Seok-Kyu 2011. "Economic Impact Effect Analysis of Flounder Aquaculture Industry in Jeju" 水産經營論集 = The journal of Fisheries Business Administration, 42(1): 85~96 


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