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논문 상세정보

WTO/NAMA협상 대비 국제명태시장에서의 우리나라 경쟁력

Competitiveness of Korea in World Pollack Markets for WTO/NAMA Negotiation


This study is aimed to investigate the structure of world pollack markets and the position/competitiveness or Korea for WTO/NAMA Negotiation. First or all, it is clearly pointed out that many limitations and problems are inherent in FAO statistics that is widely utilized to investigate the structure of international seafood markets. Especially, it is impossible to find not only the data for Russia that is the top production and export country of pollack, but also the data for importing/exporting countries for pollack. In order to make up for these problems, the data for export and import of major countries are collected and analyzed. The results of analysis show the followings. First, it is clearly investigated that classification of fish products are different for countries. Second, it is understood the structure of international pollack market in actuality. The pollack market is segmented by frozen, fresh, dried, fillet, roe, surimi, etc. In addition, the pollack market has grown as much as 600,000 tons in amount and $1.2billion in value. Third, competitiveness of Korea in international pollack markets is measured quantitatively. It shows that Korea has low RAC index and TSI index, but high RMI index. Thus, it is identified that Korea becomes the largest pollack importing country. Fourth, the partial equilibrium analysis on pollack import market of Korea indicates that the frozen pollack has both price elasticity and substitution elasticity, while the fresh pollack has income elasticity.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (1)

  1. Jung, Hyung-Chan ; Chung, Man-Hwa 2013. "The Estimation of Compensation for Revoking a License for Fishery Business and Appropriate Discount Rate" 水産經營論集 = The journal of Fisheries Business Administration, 44(2): 1~17 


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