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논문 상세정보

일본 소비지 냉동냉장창고의 새로운 움직임 -수도권 냉동냉장창고를 중심으로

A Study on the New Trend of The Consumption District Cold Storage Warehouse Industry in Japan - Focused on Japan Capital region -


Cold storage warehouse industry in Japan has been extended in its scale in terms of both the number of storages and cold storage capacity in order to meet the extended reproduction of the marine products industry. However, increasing total amount of the stored goods since mid 80s led to relative decrease of marine products while the number of storages was remained the same or decreased, though cold storage capacity was gradually increased and is maintained the increase of the average cold storage capacity. As structural change in the cold storage warehouse industry emerges, cold storage warehouses require new approach to individual storage management with 1)diversity of the stored goods; 2) more competition due to increase of the cold storage capacity; and 3) sizing of the average cold storage capacity. Therefore, this study analyzed how cold storage warehouse management activity with individual storage sizing changes; and significance of sizing and functional change in cold storage warehouses experiencing sizing, by observing leading cold storage warehouse industry of the metropolitan area in Japan. In conclusion, reorganization of cold storage warehouse industry in the metropolitan area in Japan can be summarized as follows: First, competition among cold storage warehouses in the metropolitan area in Japan is not simply limited to storage industry but extended to establishment and securing physical distribution function. Second, since cold storage warehouse industry is in Scrap & Build phase, decision of management executives on whether taking direction to maintain/continue enhancement of physical distribution function may cause drastic reorganization in the cold storage warehouse industry, Third, since profit of physical distribution management based on cold storage warehouses is insignificant, it is not easy to accomplish expected management outcome, Fourth, today's cold storage warehouse industry mainly characterized by diversity of the stored goods needs facility reorganization with comprehensive and functional integration covering from F class cold storage capacity to F&C class.

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