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논문 상세정보

소형 무인헬기를 이용한 항공방제기술 (IV) -로터양력의 CFD시뮬레이션

Aerial Application using a Small RF Controlled Helicopter (IV) - CFD Simulation of Rotor Lift -


Aerial application using an unmanned agricultural helicopter became necessary for both labor saving and timely spraying. In the previous paper, a rotor system was developed and lift capability was evaluated. The experimental results were compared with simulated predictions using the CFD-ACE program. From the simulation, the relative velocity on the top surface of the blade airfoil increased, resulting in the pressure drop. The CFD analyses were revealed that a drag resistance on the leading edge of the airfoil, a wake at the trailing edge, and a positive pressure underneath the bottom surface were observed. As the results of the simulation, total lifts of 56.8, 74.4 and $95.0kg_f$ were obtained at the 6, 8 and $10^{\circ}$ of AAT (angle of attack), respectively. The simulation results agreed reasonably up to $10^{\circ}$ of AAT. However, at a greater AAT $(<12^{\circ})$ the simulated total lift continuously increased to $105kg_f$, comparing with a decreasing experimental total lift due to the lack of engine power. At a stiff angle of $18^{\circ}$ AAT, a wake was observed at the trailing edge of the airfoil. A rated operating condition determined from the previous paper was also verified through the simulation.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (2)

  1. Jung, Han-Kyung ; Koo, Young-Mo 2008. "Adoptability Review of a Rotor Airfoil (SW05) to an Agricultural Unmanned Helicopter Using CFD Analysis" 바이오시스템공학 = Journal of biosystems engineering, 33(5): 289~295 
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