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논문 상세정보


The effects of germinating types and treatments of acetic acid, water-soluble and water-insoluble chitosan on the germination ratio and sprout length of brown rice were investigated in this study. The treatment of 0.001% acetic acid improved the germination ratio and sprout growth of brown rice in the germinating types of a air-exposure method after water-soaking (Type II) and a repetitive method of water-soaking & air-exposure (Type III), not water-soaking method (Type I). The treatment of water-soluble chitosan with higher concentration caused higher germination ratio and faster sprout growth. The treatment of water-insoluble chitosan repressed the germination and the sprout growth of brown rice. The germination ratios of brown rice germinated by the Type III were higher than those by Type I and Type II for all the treatments of acetic acid and water-soluble & water-insoluble chitosan as more than 97% germination ratio. Also, the Type III method accelerated the sprout growth of brown rice compared with Type I and Type II.

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