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논문 상세정보

시간-주파수 영역 반사파 계측방법을 이용한 부하 저항 측정 시스템 구현

The Implementation of Load Resistance Measurement System using Time-Frequency Domain Reflectometry


One of the most important topics about the safety of electrical and electronic system is the reliability of the wiring system. The Time-Frequency Domain Reflectometry(TFDR) is a state-of-the-art system for detecting and estimating of the fault on a wiring. In this paper, We've considered the load resistance measurement on a coaxial cable using TFDR in a way of expanded application. The TFDR system was built using commercial Pci extensions for Instrumentation(PXI) and LabVIEW. The proposed real time TFDR system consisted of the reference signal design, signal generation, signal acquisition, algorithm execution and results display part. To implement real time system, all of the parts were programmed by the LabVIEW which is one of the graphical programming languages. Using the application software implemented by the LabVIEW, we were able to design a proper reference signal which is suitable for target cable and control not only the arbitrary waveform generator in the signal generation part but alto the digital storage oscilloscope in the signal acquisition part. By using the TFDR real time system with the terminal resistor on the target cable, we carried out load impedance measurement experiments. The experimental results showed that the proposed system are able not only to detect the location of impedance discontinuity on the cable but also to estimate the load resistance with high accuracy.

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