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논문 상세정보

일정 전기자극하의 근력 상승 - 전기 자극 파형의 펄스 진폭과 펄스폭에 대한 의존성

Muscle Force Potentiation During Constant Electrical Stimulation - Dependence on Pulse-Amplitude and Pulse-Duration of Electrical Stimulation


The purpose of this work is to investigate the fundamental properties of the gradual muscle force potentiation. We investigated the dependence of force potentiation on both the pulse-amplitude and the pulse-duration with different ramp-up time. The experimental results showed that the force increment ratio (FIR) during constant electrical stimulation decreased with pulse-amplitude and also with pulse-duration. The FIR was greater with short ramp-up time in both the pulse-amplitude and pulse-width modulation. The feasible mechanism might be that the myosin light chain phosphorylation induces the force potentiation and it occurs only in the fast type muscle fibers which are recruited first. These observations indicate that muscle potentiation must be understood well for the accurate control of muscle force.

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