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논문 상세정보

소아 및 청소년 중독 환자에서 중독 양상의 차이

The Differences of Clinical Aspects in Children and Adolescents Poisoning


Objectives: To analyze the general characteristics and clinical differences of poisoning in children and adolescents and to take precautions of occasions. Methods: We retrospectively evaluated poisoning children and adolescents (less than 19 years) visiting to the emergency medical center of tertiary hospital in urban area. We collected demographic data, substance exposure data (materials, causes of poisoning and amount), and clinical outcome of poisoning for the past 2 years and 9 months. Results: 189 cases were reported of concerning poisoning in children and adolescents. The age groups were divided into four categories. (1) Infants group:<2 year, (2) Preschool age group: $2{\sim}5year$, (3) Children group: $6{\sim}12year$ and (4) Adolescents group: $13{\sim}18year$. The most vulnerable age group was the infants group. There were two-peaks of age distribution in poisoned patients on the whole. Various types of materials belonged to classes of druqs (56.6%). household products (34.4%) and industrial solvents (9.0%). On adolescents group, the frequency of drug poisoning was significantly high, in comparison with infants, preschool age, and children group (p=0.001). Most of the patient groups had been poisoned accidentally(73.5%), while most cases of adolescents poisoning had been intentional. 63% of the adolescents group had a suicidal purpose. Conclusion: The incidence of poisoning was most highly due to drugs. The cause of poisoning is most commonly accidental. while in adolescent group, intentional poisoning is mostly common. Special cares, like keeping children away from drugs, will be needed to prevent children poisoning, and psychiatric consultation and supportive cares can reduce the adolescents poisoning cases.

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