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Optimal Tuning of Biaxial Servomechanisms Using a Cross-coupled Controller


Precision servomechanisms are widely used in machine tool, semiconductor and flat panel display industries. It is important to improve contouring accuracy in high-precision servomechanisms. In order to improve the contouring accuracy, cross-coupled control systems have been proposed. However, it is very difficult to select the controller parameters because cross-coupled control systems are multivariable, nonlinear and time-varying systems. In this paper, in order to improve contouring accuracy of a biaxial servomechanism, a cross-coupled controller is adopted and an optimal tuning procedure based on an integrated design concept is proposed. Strict mathematical modeling and identification process of a servomechanism are performed. An optimal tuning problem is formulated as a nonlinear constrained optimization problem including the relevant controller parameters of the servomechanism. The objective of the optimal tuning procedure is to minimize both the contour error and the settling time while satisfying constraints such as the relative stability and maximum overshoot conditions, etc. The effectiveness of the proposed optimal tuning procedure is verified through experiments.

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