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논문 상세정보


Droplets are ejected onto a substrate through a nozzle by pushing liquids in flow channels of drop-on-demand devices. The behavior of ejection and formation of droplets is investigated to enhance the physical understanding of the hydrodynamics involved in inkjet printing. The free surface phenomenon of a droplet is described using $CFD-ACE^{TM}$ which employs the volume-of-fluid (VOF) method with the piecewise linear interface construction (PLIC). Droplet formation characteristics are analyzed in various flow regimes with different Ohnesorge numbers. The computational results show that the droplet formations are strongly dependent on the physical properties of working fluids and the inlet flow conditions. In addition, the wetting characteristics of working fluids on a nozzle influence the volume and velocity of a droplet produced in the device. This study may provide an insight into how a liquid droplet is formed and ejected in a piezoelectric inkjet printing device.

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