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논문 상세정보

소아암 환아와 가족에 대한 이해

Understanding Pediatric Cancer Patients and Their Families


In this thesis, Chapter I Introduction suggested the necessity of this research and defined related terms, and Chapter II defined hospice for children and examined the symptoms of pediatric cancers as well as the general characteristics of pediatric cancer patients. In particular, we surveyed the physical condition, psychological and emotional condition, financial condition, environmental aspect, educational aspect and spiritual aspect of pediatric cancer patients’ families, investigated pediatric cancer patients’ parents and siblings with regard to their understanding of the pediatric cancer patients’ death, and lastly considered spiritual care. Chapter III presented summaries and conclusions. In their developmental stage, pediatric cancer patients lack abilities to express themselves and are highly dependent on their parents, so parents who take care of cancer children have to make hard decisions and cancer children’s families are heavily burdened by the situation of preparing their children’s death and sending them away while denying their death, and for this reason they need help from specialists. That is, for pediatric cancer patients, we need highly experienced pediatricians or nurses skilful in managing young terminal patients as well as hospice counseling and family counselors for consulting on family crises. In particular, there is a keen need of child life support specialists. In addition, clergymen’s help is critical for spiritual care to ease the fear and terror of the unknown world, fear of death, etc. Moreover, in order to prevent cancer children from failing to adjust themselves to school life or peer relation after recovery, hospice service should provide cancer children with opportunities to learn school curriculums and associate with friends.


#소아암   #가족  

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