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논문 상세정보

노인의료 복지시설 영양사의 업무활동 및 요구도 분석

Analysis of the Job Activities and Demand of Dietitian in the Elderly Health-care Facilities


This study was objectively performed to identify dietitians' job in the elderly health-care facilities, to assess facilities and dietitian's demographic characteristics, and to determine performance and importance of dietitian's job including the demand of therapeutic diet development. Survey was conducted by mail and samples were the dietitians working in 376 facilities which capacity is over 50 members from nationwide 583 the elderly health-care facilities. Returned questionnaire was 102 and used for statistic analysis. The distributions of the elderly health-care facilities showed 39 the elderly nursing facilities(38.2%), 32 skilled nursing facilities (32.4%), 13 geriatrics hospital facilities(12.7%) and 9 the elderly cost nursing facilities(8.8%). 60.0 percent of the samples showed its menu price as 1,000 to 1,500 won. A cycle-menu program was in-use at the 79.0% facilities, but only 7.1% facilities have been introduced a selected menu system. 92.9% facilities employed only one dietitian. In the demographic characteristics of dietitian only 14.7% dietitian had a clinical dietitian license and 51.5% of respondents answered at least 1 to 3 months internship program is needed. Job activities of the dietitian in the elderly health-care foodservice were identified as 45 activities with 9 dimensions. Job performance score evaluated dietitian oneself was 4.71 of 7 points. The average importance score that the dietitian evaluated their own job was 5.66 points of 7. The job activities shown higher importance but lower performance were therapeutic diet development for in-patients, menu development suitable for taste of the elderly, and leadership. Job performance score by characteristics of dietitian and their elderly health-care facilities was significantly associated with experience of dietitian in elderly health-care (F=4.480, p<0.05), education of dietitian(F=2.659, p<0.01), number of dietitian(F=2.245, p<0.05), and number of employee in foodservice(F=2.607, p<0.05). Most common diseases of the aged was proved as hypertension(81.7%), diabetes mellitus(71.4%), and dementia(65.0%). The therapeutic diets frequently provided were diabetes mellitus diet, dysphagia diet, low sodium diet, high fiber diet, and high protein diet, in order. For those reasons, dietitian in the elderly health care emphasized that the information about therapeutic diet development such as diabetes mellitus diet, dysphagia diet, low sodium diet and hypertension diet must be continuously developed and provided. The result from this study can be applicable to enlarge and enrich job activities of dietitian in elderly health-care foodservice.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (4)

  1. Hong, Shin-Yang ; Seo, Sun-Hee 2010. "Job Performance Frequency and the Training Needs of Dieticians in Elderly Healthcare Facilities" 대한영양사협회 학술지 = Journal of the Korean dietetic association, 16(2): 160~177 
  2. Park, Mal-Sook ; Lyu, Eun-Soon 2011. "Importance and Performance of Dietitian's Task at Long Term Care Hospital Foodservice in Busan.Kyungnam Area" 대한지역사회영양학회지 = Korean journal of community nutrition, 16(5): 602~612 
  3. Kwak, Yoon Seoe ; Han, Myung Joo 2012. "Study of the Job Satisfaction and Characteristics of Dietitians Working in the Elderly Health Care Facility" 韓國食生活文化學會誌 = Journal of the Korean Society of Food Culture, 27(6): 677~685 
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