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논문 상세정보

대학생의 골밀도와 영양소섭취 실태에 관한 연구

Bone Density and Nutrient Intake of University Students


This study was conducted to investigate on bone density and nutrient intake of university students in Seoul area. Nutrient intake data were obtained by using the 24-hour recall method to evaluate the usual diet of the subjects. BQI(bone quality index) of the subjects was measured by an Quantitative Ultrasound (QUS). The results are summarized as follows: The average height, weight, BMI of the male and female student were 173.3 cm, 68.5 kg, 22.7; 161.4 cm, 54.2 kg, 20.8, respectively. The BQI and Z-score of the subjects were 99.50, -0.69 in male student group, and 82.6, -1.15 in female student group, respectively. Normal, osteopenia and osteoporosis percentage by bone status were 73.8%, 24.9%, 1.3% in male student group, and 39.8%, 57.6%, 2.6% in female student group, respectively. Energy intake of male and female group were 71.7%, 79.1% of EER(estimated energy requirement) respectively. Fiber, Ca, Vit $B_2$, niacin, folic acid, Vit C intake were less than RI(recommended intake) and protein, phosphorus intake were higher than RI in subjects. Nutrient intake were not significantly related with BQI in male and female groups generally.

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