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논문 상세정보

LPG 액상분사식 인젝터에서 후적에 의한 아이싱 특성 연구

Characteristics of Icing Phenomenon with Droplet of an Injector for Liquid Phase LPG Injection System


Since the liquid phase LPG injection(LPLI) system has an advantage of higher power and lower emission characteristics than the mixer type fuel supply system, many studies and applications have been conducted. However, the heat extraction, due to the evaporation of liquid fuel, causes not only a dropping of LPG fuel but also icing phenomenon that is a frost of moisture in the air around the nozzle tip. Because both lead to a difficulty in the control of accurate air fuel ratio, it can result in poor engine performance and a large amount of HC emissions. The experimental investigation was carried out on the bench test rig in this study. It was found that n-butane, that has a relatively high boiling point($-0.5^{\circ}C$), was a main species of droplet composition and also found that the droplet problem was improved by the use of a large inner to outer bore ratio nozzle whose surface roughness is smooth. The icing phenomena were decreased when the an engine head temperature was increased, although a large amount of icing deposit was still observed in the case of $87^{\circ}C$. Also, it was observed that the icing phenomenon is improved by using anti-icing bushing.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (1)

  1. Park, Cheol-Woong ; Kim, Chang-Up ; Choi, Kyo-Nnam ; Baik, Seung-Kook ; Shin, Moon-Sung 2012. "A Study on Performance Improvement in Durability and Reliability of LPi Injector" 한국가스학회지 = Journal of the Korean institute of gas, 16(2): 38~44 


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