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논문 상세정보

확장개체모델에서의 학습과 계층파악

Learning and Classification in the Extensional Object Model


Quiet often, an organization tries to grapple with inconsistent and partial information to generate relevant information to support decision making and action. As such, an organization scans the environment interprets scanned data, executes actions, and learns from feedback of actions, which boils down to computational interpretations and learning in terms of machine learning, statistics, and database. The ExOM proposed in this paper is geared to facilitate such knowledge discovery found in large databases in a most flexible manner. It supports a broad range of learning and classification styles and integrates them with traditional database functions. The learning and classification components of the ExOM are tightly integrated so that learning and classification of objects is less burdensome to ordinary users. A brief sketch of a strategy as to the expressiveness of terminological language is followed by a description of prototype implementation of the learning and classification components of the ExOM.

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