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논문 상세정보

신규 간호사의 투약오류 인지 및 경험에 대한 조사 연구

Perception and Experience of Medication Errors in Nurses with tess than One Year Job Experience


Purpose: This study was carried out to investigate perception and experience of medication errors by nurses. Method: Data collection through a survey was performed using structured questionnaires over the period of September 1 to October 15, 2004. Questionnaire were delivered to 222 nurses from 15 hospitals; thereafter, 205 questionnaires were responded (i.e., 92% response rate). The subject in the study was a nurse who had been working in the hospital for less than one year. Results: The average perception rate was 87.5%. The perception rates of subjects in medication errors from four areas are 62% in wrong dosage form for drug administration, 61.5% in air into an IV set, 63% in crystals in an IV lines, and 83.5% in wrong time. The experience rates of subjects in medication errors from four areas are 85.5% in wrong time, 39.5% in wrong injection site, 34.5% in omission error, and 28% in wrong patient. Conclusion: The average perception rate and experience rates of medication errors were 87.5% and 23.5%, respectively. Education about the Five right in medication and knowledges about drugs would improve the perception of medication errors of nurses whose work experience is less than one year, and prevent them from medication errors.



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