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피스톤-링 및 실린더 보아 마모를 고려한 엔진오일소모 연구

A Study on Engine Oil Consumption Considering Wear of Piston-Ring and Cylinder Bore


Ring and cylinder bore wear may not be a problem in most current automotive engines. However, a small change in ring face and cylinder bore diameter can significantly affect the lubrication characteristics and ring axial motion. This in turn can cause to change inter-ring pressure, blow-by and oil consumption in an engine. Therefore, by predicting the wear of piston ring face and cylinder bore altogether, the changed ring end gap and the changed volume of gas reservoir can be calculated. Then the excessive oil consumption can be predicted. Here, the oil amount through top ring gap into combustion chamber is estimated as engine oil consumption. Furthermore, the wear theories of ring and cylinder bore are included. The changed oil consumption caused by the new end gap and the new volume of oil reservoir around second land, can be calculated at some engine running interval. Meanwhile, the wear amount and oil consumption occurred during engine durability cycle are compared with the calculated values. The wear data of rings and cylinder bore are obtained from three engines after engine durability test. The calculated wear data of each part are turn out to be around the band of averaged test values or a little below. It is shown that the important factor regarding oil consumption increasement is the wear of ring face.

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