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The intracranial hemorrhage in regions remote from the site of initial operations is unusual but may present as fatal surgical complication. We report a rare case of multiple, sequential, remote intracranial hematomas after cranioplasty in a patient who did not have any prior risk factors. A 51-years-old man was transferred to the hospital after a head trauma. The brain computed tomography (CT) revealed acute subdural hemorrhage on the right hemisphere with prominent midline shifting. After performing decompressive craniectomy and hematoma removal, the patient recovered without any complications. However, the patient showed neurological deterioration immediately after cranioplasty, which was done three months after the first surgery. There was extensive hemorrhage in the posterior fossa remote from the site of the initial operation site. The brain CT taken soon after removing this hematoma evacuation displayed large epidural hematoma on the left hemisphere. This case represents posterior fossa hemorrhage after supratentorial procedure and sequential delayed hematoma on the contralateral supratentorial region thus seems very rare surgical complications. Despite several possible pathogenetic mechanisms for such remote hematomas, there are usually no clear cut relationships with each case as in our patient. However, for the successful outcome, prompt evaluation and intensive management seem mandatory.

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