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논문 상세정보

중년여성의 유방자가검진 교육이 유방자가검진 지식, 자기효능감 및 수행에 미치는 효과

The Effect of BSE Education with Practice on Knowledge, Self-Efficacy and Performance in Middle-Aged Women


Purpose: Breast cancer is a common cancer in women in Korea. Early detection of breast cancer is very important for the protection of a woman's health. The purpose of this quasi-experimental study was to determine the effect of BSE education on knowledge, self efficacy and performance in middle-aged women. Method: The participants were 33 women who agreed to participate in the study. They responded to a questionnaire that included items on knowledge, self-efficacy and performance of BSE. The experimental group was given a 90 minute-session including a lecture and practice with a BSE practice model and their own body. Their knowledge of the BSE was measured using Choi's tool and self-efficacy was measured using the scale by Champion and Scott. Results: Homogeneity for knowledge, self-efficacy and performance of BSE between the experimental and the control groups was confirmed. After 3 months of BSE education, knowledge, self-efficacy and frequency of BSE performance in the experimental group were significantly higher than for the women in the control group. Conclusion: A BSE education program would be helpful to enhance health behavior by early detection of breast cancer in middle-age women.

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