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논문 상세정보


The owner of underground metallic structures (gas pipeline, oil pipeline, water pipeline, etc) has a burden of responsibility for the corrosion protection in order to prevent big accidents like gas explosion, soil pollution, leakage and so on. So far, Cathodic Protection(CP) technology have been implemented for protection of underground systems. The stray current from DC subway system in Korea has affected the cathodic protection (CP) design of the buried pipelines adjacent to the railroads. In this aspect, KERI has developed a various mitigation method, drainage system through steel bar under the rail, a stray current gathering mesh system, insulation method between yard and main line, distributed ICCP(Impressed Current Cathodic System), High speed response rectifier, restrictive drainage system, Boding ICCP system. We installed the mitigation system at the real field and test of its efficiency in Busan and Seoul, Korea. In this paper, the results of field test, especially, distributed ICCP are described.

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