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논문 상세정보

미국산과 중국산 DDGS의 급여가 비육돈의 육질 및 아미노산 함량에 미치는 영향

Effects of Corn Distillers Dried Grain with Soluble (DDGS) of American and Chinese Origin on Meat Quality and Amino Acid of Meat in Finishing Pigs


시험동물은 3원 교잡종(Landrace$\times$Yorkshire$\times$Duroc) 120두를 공시하였으며 평균개시체중은 64.50 kg으로 56일간 실시하였다 시험 설계는 CON(basal diet), ADS(basal diet + DDGS from American) 및 CDS(basal diet + DDGS from Chinese)로 3처리로 하여 처리당 10반복, 반복당 4마리씩임의 배치하였다. 육질에서 등지방 두께와 정육율은 처리간에 차이가 없었다(p>0.05). 육색은 적색도에서 DDGS 처리구가 CON 처리구와 비교하여 높았으며(p<0.05), CDS 처리구가 ADS 처리구와 비교하여 유의적으로 높았다(p<0.001). 보수력은 CON과 CDS 처리구가 ADS 처리구와 비교하여 높았다(p<0.05). pH은 DDGS 처리구가 CON 처리구에 비해 높았으며(p<0.001), ADS 처리구가 CON 처리구와 비교하여 유의적으로 높았다(p<0.05). 아미노산 함량에서 arginine, isoleucine, leucine 및 lysine은 CDS 처리구가 다른 처리구와 유의적으로 가장 높았다(p<0.05), 특히, DDGS 처리구가 CON 처리구와 비교하여 유의적으로 높았다(p<0.001). Methinonine, phenylalanine, threonine 및 valine은 DDGS 첨가구가 CON 처리구와 비교하여 높았다(p<0.05). 비 필수아미노산에서 cysteine 함량은 CDS 처리구가 CON과 ADS 처리구와 비교하여 가장 높았으며(p<0.05), 특히, DDGS 첨가구가 CON 처리구와 비교하여 유의적으로 높았다(p<0.001). Proline은 CON 처리구가 CDS 처리구와 비교하여 유의적으로 높았고(p<0.05). Tyrosine은 있어서는 DDGS 첨가구가 CON 처리구와 비교하여 유의적으로 높았다(p<0.01). 결론적으로 DDGS 급여시 적색도와 아미노산 조성에 효과가 있는 것으로 나타내었다.


This study was conducted to evaluate the effects of com distillers dried grain with soluble (DDGS) in American and Chinese on quality and amino acid of meat in finishing pigs. 120 pigs (Landrace$\times$Yorkshire$\times$Duroc, 64.50 kg average initial body weight) were used in 56 day growth assay. Dietary treatments were included CON (basal diet), ADS (basal diet + DDGS from American) and CDS (basal diet + DDGS from Chinese). The pigs were allotted into four pigs per pen with ten replicates per treatments by completely randomized design. Backfat thickness and lean percentage were not affected by treatment (p>0.05). For the meat color, redness was significantly increased in DDGS treatments compared to CON treatment (p<0.05). CDS treatment was higher than in ADS treatment (p<0.001). Water holding capacity was higher in CON and CDS treatments compared to ADS treatment (p<0.05). pH was greater in DDGS treatments than CON treatment (p<0.05), and ADS treatment was higher than in CON treatment (p<0.05). For the amino acid of meat, CDS treatment significantly increased their arginine, isoleucine, leucine and lysine compared to other treatments (p<0.05). DDGS treatment was higher than in CON treatment (p<0.001). Methinonine, phenylalanine, threonine and valine were significantly increased DDGS treatments than CON treatment (p<0.05). Cysteine was greater in CDS treatment than CON and ADS treatments (p<0.001). DDGS treatments was higher cysteine than in CON treatment (p<0.001). Proline significantly improved in CON treatment compared to CDS treatment (p<0.05). Tyrosine was greater in DDGS treatments than CON treatment (p<0.01). In conclusion, redness and amino acids of meat were affected by DDGS treatments.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (1)

  1. Yoo, Jong-Sang ; Jang, Hae-Dong ; Kim, In-Ho 2010. "Effects of Dietary Bio Ethanol By-product and Complex Enzyme on Meat Quality of Pork Loin" Korean journal for food science of animal resources = 한국축산식품학회지, 30(6): 1007~1013 


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