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논문 상세정보

일부지역 양돈장 및 양계장 공기중 박테리아, 진균, 내독소 농도

Evaluation of Environmental Circumstance Within Swine and Chicken Houses in South Korea for the Production of Safe and Hygienic Animal Food Products


This study was undertaken to determine the concentrations of airborne bacteria, fungi, particles, and endotoxin in swine and chicken houses. Six swine buildings and seven chicken houses were randomly selected in southern Gyonggi Province, South Korea. The geometric mean concentrations of airborne bacteria in swine and chicken houses were $2.7{\times}10^5\;CFU/m^3$ and $5.6{\times}10^7\;CFU/m^3$, respectively. The airborne bacteria concentrations in chicken houses were significantly higher than those of swine houses (p<0.05). The geometric mean concentration of airborne fungi in swine houses was $4.9{\times}10^3\;CFU/m^3$, which was higher than the value of $2.1{\times}10^3\;CFU/m^3$ found in chicken houses. The mean concentrations of airborne particles and endotoxin in swine houses were $3.48\;mg/m^3$ and $943.1\;EU/m^3$, and they were $15.43\;mg/m^3$ and $1,430.5\;EU/m^3$ in chicken houses, respectively. A significant difference between swine and chicken houses was found for total dust (p<0.05), but not for endotoxin. In this study, the concentrations of endotoxin in both swine and chicken houses as well as particles in chicken houses were high, and in about 50% of the samples exceeded the worker health safety levels of $614\;EU/m^3$ suggested in previous studies. These results may indicate a considerable respiratory hazard for workers in these environments.

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이 논문을 인용한 문헌 (1)

  1. Lee, Yun-Keun ; Kim, Won ; Kim, Hyo-Cher ; Park, Dong-Uk 2010. "Concentrations of Airborne Microorganisms and Endotoxins in Duck Houses" 韓國環境保健學會誌 = Journal of environmental health sciences, 36(3): 191~198 


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