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This research computes the viscous flow field and aerodynamics around the model of a commercial passenger airplane, Boeing 747-400, which cruises in transonic speed. The configuration was realized through the reverse engineering based on the photo scanning measurement. In results, the pressure coefficients at the several wing section on the wing surface of the airplane was described and discussed to obtain the physical meaning. The lift coefficient increased almost linearly up to $17^{\circ}$. Here the maximum lift occurred at $18^{\circ}$ according to the angle of attack. And the minimum drag is expected at $-2^{\circ}$. The maximum lift coefficient occurred at the Mach number 0.89, and the drag coefficient rapidly increased after the Mach number of 0.92. Also shear-stress transport model predicts slightly lower aerodynamic coefficients than other models and Chen's model shows the highest aerodynamic values. The aerodynamic performance of the airplane elements was presented.

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