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논문 상세정보

과체중 및 비만 대학생의 체력증진을 위한 자기효능이론 기반 운동프로그램의 효과검증

A Feasibility Study of an Exercise Intervention Based on Self-efficacy Theory among Overweight and Obese College Students in Korea


Purpose: This study explored the feasibility of a 12 week self-efficacy based exercise intervention for overweight and obese college students. Method: A repeated measure, 4-group randomized controlled design was used. Students were recruited from two universities. in Seoul. Korea using: (1) flyers either on the campus bulletin boards or in campus restrooms: (2) advertisement on campus e-board: and (3) self-referral. Inclusion criteria were: (1) Korean college students aged 18 to 29: (2) BMI >23: (3) viscerally obese: and (4) accessible to a phone and a computer. Participants completed three self-reported questionnaires: socio-demographic questionnaire (at the baseline), Exercise Self-Efficacy Scale (at the baseline and $12^{th}$ week), and Physical Fitness sub-subscale (at the baseline and $12^{th}$ week). Additionally. physiological data (height, weight, blood pressure) were collected at the baseline and $12^{th}$ week. Descriptive statistics and a two-way mixed ANOVA were performed using SPSS12.0. Results: No significant group difference was observed. However. students with increased exercise self-efficacy during the program showed better physical fitness in the $12^{th}$ week. When students' physical fitness was enhanced. the physiological factors were improved. Conclusions: Self-efficacy based exercise intervention may be applicable and acceptable to the college students. It is necessary to conduct a replicated study with a larger sample and an elongated intervention period.

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