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논문 상세정보

끝단질량과 크랙을 가진 유체유동 회전 외팔 파이프의 동적 안정성

Dynamic Stability of Rotating Cantilever Pipe Conveying Fluid with Tip mass and Crack


The stability of a rotating cantilever pipe conveying fluid with a crack and tip mass is investigated by the numerical method. That is, the effects of the rotating angular velocity, mass ratio, crack severity and tip mass on the critical flow velocity for flutter instability of system are studied. The equations of motion of rotating pipe are derived by using the Euler-Bernoulli beam theory and the extended Hamilton's principle. The crack section of pipe is represented by a local flexibility matrix connecting two undamaged pipe segments. Also, the crack is assumed to be in the first mode of fracture and always opened during the vibrations. When the tip mass and crack are constant, the critical flow velocity for flutter is proportional to the rotating angular velocity of pipe. In addition, the stability maps of the rotating pipe system as a rotating angular velocity and mass ratio ${\beta}$ are presented.

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