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논문 상세정보

고흥만 습지에서 경도법으로 산출한 현열플럭스

Sensible heat flux estimated by gradient method at Goheung bay wetland


Meorological data have been collected to monitor the wetland area in Goheung bay since 2003 and four intensive observations were conducted to study effects of the atmospheric turbulence on the energy budget and the ecological changes. We improved an algorithm to estimate the sensible heat flux with routine data. The sensible heat flux estimated by gradient method was in good agreement with that measured by precision instruments such as surface layer scintillometer and ultrasonic anemometer. Diurnal variations of sensible heat flux showed analogous tendency to those of temperature gradient. When the vertical wind shear of horizontal wind components was weak, even though temperature gradient was strong, the gradient method underestimated the sensible heat flux. A compensation for the cloud will make this gradient method be a helpful tool to monitor the ecosystem without expensive instruments except for weak wind shear and temperature gradient.

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